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We are experts in body image research.

We are Mums.

We are passionate about promoting physical and mental wellbeing for everyone.

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Dr Zali Yager 

Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

I have an education background and expertise in the evaluation of intervention programs and content in school settings, and enhancing teacher's capacity to promote body image in their schools. I also have three children, Jack (7), Evelyn (5), and Lucy (5). Since having children, I have become passionate about promoting positive body image among mothers in order to enhance their own wellbeing, and that of their children.


Dr Ivanka Prichard

Senior Lecturer in Health & Exercise Sciences at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

My research focuses on promoting positive lifestyle behaviours (i.e., healthy diet and exercise) and body image. I worked in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor for 15 years and am passionate about understanding ways of improving body satisfaction and increasing levels of physical activity among women and children. I also have two young boys, Hudson (10) and Carter (8). Having children, as well as my background in exercise and body image research, has made me increasingly aware of the need to promote positive body image and how parents might best do this for themselves and their children.



Dr Laura Hart 

Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

I am one of the creators of Confident Body Confident Child, a program to help parents teach their children about healthy eating and physical activity without negatively impacting on child body image. I am passionate about the potential influence that parents can have on their children's physical and mental health. I also have two boys, Isaac (8), and Oscar (5). Since having children, I am aware of how post-birth and breastfeeding can really wreak havoc on women’s bodies and finding the confidence (and time!) to exercise and look after yourself is a challenge.