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Body Confident Mums research Network 

Profiling work on body image in mums

from around the world

 to progress the field


Dr Stephanie Damiano is an expert in the development of body dissatisfaction in children, and parenting practices that can lead to the development of a positive body image. 


Steph led our paper on a measure of role modelling of positive body image, and is currently working with the Butterfly Foundation on the development of a whole-of-primary school body image program in Australia. 

Jessica M. Alleva is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on body functionality – everything the body is able to do – and techniques for improving positive body image among women.


Jess developed the Expand Your Horizon Program, involving journaling about body functionality- a resource that we have adapted and made specific for mothers.

Profile JM Alleva 2018.jpg

Associate Professor Jennifer B. Webb a clinical health psychologist based at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, is working on adapting and developing interventions involving mindful self-compassion for women in the first year postpartum.

See also her poster on the relationship between body image, depression, and mindful self-care in new mothers presented at the Society for Behavioral Medicine here

Jennifer Webb_Head Shot.jpg

Rachel Vanderkruik is in her final clinical year of her Clinical Psychology, and currently completing her clinical internship at Massachussets General Hospital.


With her background in perinatal women’s mental health, and public health, Rachel will be working on developing interventions for use among perinatal women.

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