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The project

Our vision is a culture of empowered mums who feel confident in their bodies and can shape healthy confident kids.


This project was born when we as professionals became mothers. It's pretty obvious that this is a life stage where women experience a number of intense changes to their body and their life, and yet there are so few evidence-based programs to support mother's health and wellbeing.


As body image researchers we realised that no one has developed programs for new mothers, despite this being a significant time of body dissatisfaction, and despite a known relationship between body dissatisfaction and postnatal depression.


We want mums to feel body confident, for themselves, and for their kids.

We know there are times when you may feel tired, overwhelmed, like you don't have time for yourself, or you have no energy to exercise.


But we also know that looking after yourself by being physically active, nourishing your body, and taking time to focus on you, can give you the power to enhance your psychological and physical health and make you a great role-model for your kids.

Our vision is to help mums use body positive activities to become healthy, empowered women who can shape healthy empowered kids.

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