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How self-compassion can help you to love your body

This blog post is a part of our Love your Body Week, and Women's Health Week series.

New evidence has found that interventions that focus on self-compassion are effective in improving body image. In this study, women of all ages listened to a 20-minute self-compassion meditation each day over the three –week period of the intervention. The researchers found very impressive statistically significant increases in self compassion, body dissatisfaction and body appreciation with large effect sizes.

So, could self-compassion help you to feel better about your body, and enhance your psychological wellbeing? 

Self compassion is basically being as nice to yourself as you would be to a friend. It involves three components as indicated below: 

 Access these free evidence-based self compassion podcasts from Kristen Neff here.

Why not set aside a few minutes for yourself and show yourself some kindness this Love Your Body Week. 

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Zali Yager is the co-founder of Body Confident Mums- a research collaboration led by body image experts. We are currently developing evidence-based resources and programs to build body confidence for you, and help you role model this to your children. Zali is also a Mum to 3 kids, a current researcher at VU, and director of Well Researched

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