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Body Confident Mums were featured on the Appearance Matters Podcast!


We are conducting a systematic review of the literature to see what research has been done in this area, and the things that are related to body dissatisfaction in the postpartum period. Here's a snapshot of the findings- we will link you to the paper when it is published! 


We have conducted some research that aimed to determine whether mums felt worse about their bodies than women without children (of the same age)...

We have presented this at the ANZAED conference in Melbourne, 2018.

Research Papers

Damiano, S., Yager, Z., Prichard, I., & Hart, L. (2019). Leading by example: Development of a maternal modelling of positive body image scale and relationships to body image attitudes. Body Image, 29, 132-139.

As researchers we typically publish our work in peer-reviewed journals. Please find our recent publications, with a lay summary in this section.

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