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We are currently running a range of projects that focus on body image in mothers.

Find our current and past research here.

Current Projects

Thank You Body
Systematic Review

We are currently completing a Systematic Review of the physical and mental health impact of postpartum body dissatisfaction . Indicative early findings presented  in a conference poster and indicated in the image to the right.

A new trial of the impact of brief journalling tasks on mother's body image and mental health outcomes.

For mothers with a child 0-10 years in Australia 


Research Papers

As researchers we typically publish our work in peer-reviewed journals. Please find our recent publications, with a lay summary in this section.

Damiano, S., Yager, Z., Prichard, I., & Hart, L. (2019). Leading by example: Development of a maternal modelling of positive body image scale and relationships to body image attitudes. Body Image, 29, 132-139.

Raspovic, A. M., Prichard, I., Yager, Z., & Hart, L. M. (2020). Mothers’ experiences of the relationship between body image and exercise, 0–5 years postpartum: A qualitative study. Body Image, 35, 41-52.

Wallis, K., Prichard, I., Hart, L., & Yager, Z. (2021). The Body Confident Mums challenge: a feasibility trial and qualitative evaluation of a body acceptance program delivered to mothers using Facebook. BMC public health, 21(1), 1-12.

Yager, Z., Prichard, I., Hart, L., & Damiano, S. R. (2022). Mumbod? A comparison of body image and dietary restraint among women with younger, older, and no children. Journal of Health Psychology, 1359105320967422.

Peralta, L. R., Cotton, W. G., Dudley, D. A., Hardy, L. L., Yager, Z., & Prichard, I. (2021). Group-based physical activity interventions for postpartum women with children aged 0–5 years old: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. BMC women's health, 21(1), 1-16.


Peralta, L. R., Yager, Z., & Prichard, I. (2022). ‘There’s Just Something Really Peaceful About It’: a Qualitative Exploration of Mothers with Young Children and Engagement in Group-Based Physical Activity Programs. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 1-13.


We developed a measure of role modelling of positive body image, validated in the Damiano et al (2019) paper 

The Scale is freely available for others to use in their research.

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Dr Zali Yager from Body Confident Mums has been a guest on the following podcasts; 

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