We want to start a revolution:

To change the appearance pressure placed on mothers.

To value mums for the amazing things they do and not how they look.

To disrupt negative conversations about mums' bodies.

Where no mum is held back by appearance concerns.

We will do this through:


  • Research: Engage in strategic research that can be used to empower mothers, change industry practices, disrupt cultural attitudes, and drive policy change.

  • Resource: Equip mothers with evidence-based body confident resources that fit their needs, that encourage body acceptance and that develop positive behaviours. 

  • Revolutionise: Facilitate advocacy for mothers to disrupt body image pressure and create cultural change.


We are currently creating evidence-based resources that suit mothers who are tired, time-poor, and feeling dissatisfied with their bodies. The resources will help you to:

  • Engage in physical activity to enjoy your body and enhance your mental health

  • Appreciate your body for what it can do, and has done in growing tiny humans

  • Use self-compassion and mindfulness to build body confidence

  • Feel empowered to role model body positivity for your child or children


Do you want to feel confident in your body,

and raise healthy, confident kids?

We are working on some resources to change body image culture so our kids won't have the same body pressures that we do


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By helping mothers feel more body confident,

you can have a positive impact

on them and their children,

and your brand.


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