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Resources for your body  

Physical activity and joyful movement have a huge potential to enhance your body image and wellbeing- but exercising for health and mood rather than appearance or weight loss is the key. We have carefully put together the resources below to help you to get moving in a body positive way.

BCM Youtube

We have pulled together some online workout videos that will make you feel good about yourself while you exercise- with diverse presenters, and no 'fat talk'! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Don't have time to workout without the kids? involve them too! Cosmic kids yoga takes you on a journey through your poses that is sure to keep your kids occupied while you salute the sun!

Just Walk

Do you have errands to run? a friend to catch up with? kids going crazy? put on your runners (if you get time!) and go for a walk...



Many gyms have child minding services while you work out... Just make sure that you are exercising for your mental and physical health, and not weight loss or appearance-related reasons

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